Techniques to Regrow your Hair and Stop Hair Loss

For only 15 to 30 minutes everyday, you can regrow naturally your lost hair.

To stop hair loss this techniques should be done each day, and concentrate in this order. The application for the olive oil stimulation will be used at the first 8 days and randomly after that. The application for the garlic stimuation should be used everyday after the applying olive oil stimuation.

1. Scalp Massage
2. Fingernail shine or scraping
3. Garlic stimulation
4. Olive Oil Cleansing
5. Gravity head
6. Hair Pulling
7. Head Tap

Everything can be done virtually while your are watching television or relaxing at home. More than 10 minutes a day would be ideal in anyway to stop hair loss.

At least doing it 10 minutes in the morning 10 in the afternoon and more than 10 minutes in the everning. The more you do these techniques, the quicker your results should be. Sequence of post will be done explaining the specific steps of the techniques to stop hair loss.

All the sequence procedure is on my blog archive on the right side (1~7).

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Diet Supplements to prevent Hair Loss


To grow hair in a proper way, the techniques and exercises shown should be followed in a right schedule and sequence plan, you can cheat on your diet and still stop hair loss and start to grow hair or new hair.

To stop hair loss you need to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated to aid the blood in carrying nutrients and oxygen to your hair. A minimum of 64 ounces.

The way to add energy to your water is to swirl it in a windmill motion. This will cause the water to regenerate witn natural electricity and helps grow hair.


Now there a re a lot of modern preservation methods and chemical additives, and processing rob the foods we eat of their nutrients. So you need to eat natural and unprocessed foods as much as possible. Fruits and Vegetables are great diet eating exercise to stop hair loss.

When cooking your food make sure not to overcook, because overcooking also robs foods of their nutrients.

Heads Up Position

One of the exercises to stop hair loss is the heads up exercise, you will have to sit with your back straight. Bring your chin down to touch your chest, and then slowly tilt your head back as far as possible, repeat this 5 times.

This helps open up the blood flow to and from the head and helps to grow hair.

With regards to this if you are doing it 100 repetitions each day, your eyesite will get better. A lot better i may say. You will notice the difference of your eyesite with in two weeks while you are driving.

But you have to be aware that building up to the 100 or break it up into a few different sessions because if do that many at first you probably will develop a headache from tight and sore muscles.

This exercise is a very powerful technique overall to prevent hair loss. Please be reminded that to prevent hair loss you must be also aware of cleanliness.

The Neck Massage

To prevent hair loss neck massage is needed because a lot of people have a lot of tension in their necks from stress so hair loss comes. This causes a blockage of blood flow uo to the head.

To prevent hair removal you need a good constant blood flow to maintain and have healthy hair. So all you have to do is massage the back of your neck for a few second here and there throughout the day to stop hair loss.

There should be no hair removal after this with the previous methods, and you might have constant hair growth. You will also need to massage the front of your neck in order to stimulate your thyroid. The thyroid controls the level of hormone production so hair loss comes.

By massaging the thyroid area of the neck, you may help stimulate the balanced release of hormones to grow hair. This balance aids in hair development and to stop hair loss.

Nail Scratch

Nail scratch is much similary than brush scratch but without a brush. It is one of the best way to grow hair after a while. To prevent hair lossuse your fingertips on the top of your head, slightly bend your fingers and use your nails to scratch your head.

Do this fairly fast and be firm. Do it all over your head, especially your problem areas or the hair loss areas. Keep doing this until your head tingles and feels warm. This would allow to grow the hair soon.

Brush Scratch or Tap

Whenever you have some time you can use bristle brush to brush scratch your head. Do it for some minute, this is good to do after the other important techniques so you can get a good tingling feeling on your head.

Some people give up doing this technique. Its a two to three month process, persevere even of you don't feel much tingling on your head.

For the Brush tap, its better to use wire brush and tap your head with a light to medium force. Again this would be good to do for a few seconds after your done with the main techniques.

Circulation Scalp Push

The Scalp Circulation push is helpful mainly to the front or your head/hair where it generally recedes. This area usually has a hard time getting a good constant blood supply.

So you need to do isforce the blood into that area with the circulation push. Take your index and middle fingers an put them in front of the middle of your ears, which is right about where your jaw ends. Then you simply push up past your temples with thos 2 fingers forcing blood into the scalp.

Do this a few times. This is one technique you do not want to go overboard with. Do this 5 times for each side of your face. Later on you can do more, but each time you do this don't do it any more than 5 times.

You might feel headache if you overdo it.